Vendo Shop takes the spot as the Best-Rated online marketplace in South Africa

Vendo Top Rated Shop

South African Online Marketplace, Vendo, is quickly becoming the go-to for many local shoppers. Offering a more direct engagement with business owners, a rapidly-growing inventory and unmatched customer service is part of the reason why shoppers are not only trying it out but also coming back for more.

At the time of writing, Vendo Shop was officially the top-rated online marketplace and shopping experience in South Africa, with an excellent rating on the popular review platform, Trustpilot.

Some customers are even going as far as saying that Vendo has been the best online shopping experience they have ever had.

When comparing this to the rating of other popular online marketplaces in South Africa, it is clear that Vendo is standing out from the crowd!

At the time of writing the ratings were:
TakeAlot: Bad, with 1.6 Stars
Loot.co.za: Bad, with 1.5 stars
Raru: Average, with3.5 stars
Merkado: Average, with 3.1 stars
Makro: Poor, with 2.1 stars

These reviews do not come from the simple process of ordering something online and receiving what you bought, but rather from the one-on-one, personalised attention that every customer and vendor receives with every interaction with the brand.

At Vendo, shoppers are treated like family! We understand that shopping online does not always go as planned and there are various causes for anxiety when buying online, especially from a new player in the market.

Our team goes out of their way to make sure that shoppers feel safe and updated throughout the entire process, and then we make sure that they are happy.

Browse the marketplace today and discover what your online shopping experience should be like!