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How to Increase your Online Sales on Vendo Online Shop


Selling on Vendo, the massive open, online marketplace for South Africa is easy. In fact, selling online has never been this easy or convenient in the history of South African E-Commerce.

Here are some pro-tips on how to increase your online sales on Vendo Online Shop.

1.) Make sure your images are good quality

First of all – Setting up your store page (See Example Here) with your logo and a catchy banner is super important. Many vendors set up stores without a banner. See this as the big first impression of your shop page – the header does not only help you stand out from the vendor list, but it tells customers about your brand and what they can expect from your store.

Don’t have a banner? No problem, simply grab one from one of these free stock sites: Pexels, Unsplash.

Tip: You can use images from there for your social media marketing as well.

Secondly: Setting up your products for success. The first tip is to take note that all the product images Vendo Online Marketplace for South Africa is square (1:1).

Make sure that your image is clear and that it fits into a square cut, better yet, submit your image as a square when you upload it to the Vendor Dashboard.

You can use this free online tool from Adobe to cut your image. Working from your phone, there is also a mobile app available for both Android and iPhone.

2) Promote Your Vendo Store on Social Media

Vendoshop South Africa is a central online marketplace where thousands of shoppers go to look for products – they might see yours, or they might miss it, but you can make sure your followers know to look out for your products next time they visit Vendo.

Even if you have your own website, reminding people about your products on Vendo is always a good idea – you never know when they got their hands on a voucher from the lovely team at Vendo. You want them to remember your brand and products when they use that voucher!

You can find send them directly to your store page from your social media accounts! Simply copy the URL from your browser and put it into a post.

The metadata will pull through with your branding and logo and people will be able to head straight to your shop!

3) Run Discounts & Promotions on your products

Another way to stand out from the crowd on Vendo’s Online Marketplace is to run discounts on your products. When you run discounts Vendo will list your products on their home page that will make it easier for people to find.

You can also run a promotion with discount vouchers. Combine this with a social media competition and you will have online shoppers streaming to your page and products!

In Conclusion:
How to Increase your Online Sales on Vendo Online Shop? Use great photos, advertise your shop and products on social media, and use promocodes!

Not selling on Vendo yet? Register your business or personal shop today and get a FREE online shop linked to a national online marketplace.

Signup takes two minutes and is as easy as it gets.

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