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Why Vendo is one of the Best Online Shopping Sites in South Africa


It’s no secret that South Africa is lagging behind the rest of the world when it comes to e-commerce and the available choice of online shopping sites. The primary reason for this is that many South African shoppers still have a fair amount of fear and anxiety attached the idea of paying for something online and hoping it gets delivered to their doorstep. Another prominent factor is the fact that up to now, no-one has really stepped up and dared to compete with the standard go-to “blue marketplace”

If we dare to look at the positive side of Covid-19, South Africans are now being forced to shop online more than ever before. Many South Africans now feel safer shopping from their homes, than going to overcrowded malls. Along with this, many businesses who were stuck in their comfort zone, operating through their traditional brick and mortar model, had to quickly adapt and make their products available online.

The problem is that many small businesses do not have the knowledge or resources available to get a decent online shopping site off the ground and many of them are now turning to marketplaces to host their shops and sell their products, and this is really where Vendo comes in.


Vendo has established an online marketplace where any South African business can go to sell their products independently. These vendors range from well established brands, to small businesses and individuals who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

Instead of asking signup fees and expensive monthly subscriptions, listing and selling products on Vendo is completely free, up to the point where the Vendor actually makes a sale. When a sale is made, Vendo takes a very small percentage to cover our costs. This percentage is 8% – the lowest rate currently available in the South African market.

On top of this, vendors manage their own shipping and there is no need for warehousing and need for Vendo to hold stock. This allows vendors to save further, when compared to the business model of certain well-known online shopping sites in South Africa.

This model allows Vendors to create a shop page and sell their products on a national online marketplace, without all the costs attached to it. This also allows them to get products to shoppers quicker and more directly, as there are less processes and red tape involved.

When shoppers buy something on Vendo, the local business selling the item makes more profit than on any other online shopping site in South Africa, while being able to keep their price as low as possible – often lower than they can sell for on their own websites.


Vendo shop has also partnered with The Courier Guy to give small businesses selling on the marketplace access to some of the most affordable shipping rates in South Africa. Vendors can ship products purchased on Vendo nationwide for as little as R60.00. This rate makes it easy for vendors to lower their prices while maintaining their profit levels. Shoppers obviously benefit from this as they can buy these products at a lower cost, while knowing that it will be shipped with one of the most reputable courier services in the country.

Vendo is truly setting out to be the best online shopping site in South Africa, with the idea of creating something where both shoppers and vendors can find value.


Most of the products on the traditional blue marketplace are actually sold by small South African businesses that never get any credit. These same businesses are now starting to move their products over to Vendo’s inviting model, with many of them feeling like they are getting a better deal for themselves and their customers. This is not only because it costs less, but they also have more control over the entire process. They know where their parcels are, and the customer experience is closer to home, without get influenced by an external arrangement that they have no say in.



Another reason why Vendo is one of best online shops in South Africa is simply because it’s mission is to support and empower local businesses. Vendo does not allow vendors to dropship or sell products that have to first be imported. It also does not allow international sellers to compete with the local vendors.

Start exploring different options and buy on Vendo, or directly from the website of a small local business. Your experience will be better and you will pay less!

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